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View 13 Mira Hq Map Cafeteria - MIRA HQ is shortened to Mira in the Quick Chat interface. Instead of spawning in Launchpad, the controlling player spawns in Cafeteria in Freeplay mode. During ejection, MIRA HQ is the only map that does not have a unique sound effect or music. Videos Gallery of MIRA HQ launch trailers If you want to see the MIRA HQ gallery, go here. References Map of Mira HQ Among Us This map appears to be a modest headquarters in a massive building. Your game round will begin on the start platform, which is located close to the reentry capsule. The crew must return to the headquarters to obtain the next map while playing on this location. The crew returns after a ship mission.

On the map Mira HQ, these are the missions in Among Us. If you're experiencing trouble completing assignments in Among Us, check out this post. There are three maps in Among Us, each with its own set of chores for the player to fulfill in order to win. Guide to Mira HQ Tasks One of them is a mystery puzzle game in which players must execute basic ship upkeep to win in a crew of up to ten. However, up to three of the ten players may be eliminated.

The Doorlog is a one-of-a-kind mechanic that can only be found in the Mira HQ map. It's in the Communications room. There are three sensors in the three-way intersection just north of the Cafeteria, and each player who crosses through the sensor line is added to the doorlog. We Are Among Us Polus Map Guide Full Annotated Map of Polus Mira HQ (click to enlarge) This map, which takes place on the top floor of a luxurious skyscraper, is the tiniest of the lot. Instead of security cameras, three sensors are placed at each end of the three-pronged glass bridge on the map's east side. The emergency meeting button is located in the cafeteria at the southeast corner of the building.

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