The Best 11 Smokey Eye With Winged Eyeliner

The Best 11 Smokey Eye With Winged Eyeliner - smoky eye with winged liner By Daniella on March 15, 2015 MakeUpByLusine transforms my wing into wow Step 1: Apply Winged Eyeliner Make a line with a liner brush from the outer corner of your eye and stretch it outward, lifting the brush as you reach the end. What is the purpose of winged eyeliner? A double winged eyeliner can give the appearance of larger eyes. Outside, the line should be extended to create a little flick. Apply the same technique to your bottom lashes. Does it look good on small eyes to have smoky eyes? Small eyes can benefit from smokey eye makeup because it enlarges them.

Smokey Eye With Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Hello, everyone. Today, as requested, I'm showing you how to make this stunning smokey winged eyeliner, which is ideal for beginners. Eyeliner Stencil For Perfect Smokey Eyes or Winged Tip Look Reusable Makeup by a Celebrity Makeup Artist Cleaning is simple. Cruelty that is adaptable Vegan food is available for free. Made in the United States of America Smoky Eyeliner Cat Eyeliner 16 99 640 ratings With Amazon Prime, you'll get free shipping and returns. Size 1 Count Pack 1 Count Pack 1 Count Pack 1 Count Pack 1 Count Pack 1 Count Pack 1 Count Pack 1 Count Pack 1 Count Pack 1 Count Pack 1 Count

SMOKEY EYE TIP 4 1 STEP WINGED EYELINER Smoky eyes in a flash Makeup artist Grace Lee recommends lining eyelids with a gel eyeliner pencil and delicately mixing the eyeliner for a smokey winged eyeliner appearance without bothering about achieving a flawless line. This also serves as a wonderful basis for eyeshadow, allowing it to remain longer. 2 Smokey Eye Basics This smokey eye makeup combines glitter, thick winged eyeliner, and a specific smokey eye. To achieve this lovely effect, use a gleaming nude rather than a dreary tone for the inner corner and middle of the eyelid. Furthermore, for a submerged look, use a strong winged eyeliner and combine it with the deeper hue in the external corner.

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